Uniden Phones: How to Override the Privacy Mode

By Lee Schrader

Wireless handset phones are convenient but sometimes complicated.
i mobile phone image by Clark Duffy from Fotolia.com

Home phones today provide a large number of features designed to make your phone experience fuller and easier. Occasionally, the many features cause confusion and you can't access or turn off a feature you previously used. Phone companies often move the feature select option to a different place in new models making a feature hard to find. Privacy mode on Uniden phones is a feature that keeps other handsets on the same base unit system from being able to access the conversation on another cordless unit. If this feature is on, it disables the ability to use more than one phone for a conference type call or listen to other conversations on a separate handset unit. Privacy mode "On" is indicated by an upper case P on the display.

Turn the handset on by pressing the "Talk" button.

Press the "Menu" button on the handset.

Scroll the indicator with the volume up/down buttons until "Privacy Mode" appears.

Press the "OK" or "Select" button.

"Privacy Mode Off" will appear, and the uppercase P will disappear. Privacy mode is now turned off.