Uniden Cordless Phone Answering Machine Instructions

By Angela Reinholz

Updated February 10, 2017

The Uniden cordless phone comes with an answering machine.
i women's head and phone image by Mirek Hejnicki from Fotolia.com

The Uniden cordless phone is a sturdy device that allows you to bring the handset to wherever you are in the home. It comes with a built-in answering machine. While using the answering machine may seem intimidating at first, the device is relatively straight-forward. Let the Uniden cordless phone take messages while you are out and about so that you can return people's calls at your convenience.

Select the language that you would like to use for your answering machine. Press the "Menu" button six times. Press "Select" to pick the language you would like to use. You can set it to English, Spanish or French.

Set the number of rings you would like to allow before the answering machine activates. Press the "Menu" button three times. Press the "Select" button and decide how many rings you want. The range is from two to six. Press "Select" one more time to confirm.

Record a greeting for your Uniden cordless phone answering machine. Press the "Greet" button. Listen to the system announce "Record Greeting." Speak clearly and record your greeting. Press "Greet" and "Set" when you are finished recording. The answering machine will play your greeting back to you. If you are satisfied with the greeting you can leave it. If not, attempt to record a different greeting. To do this, press "Greet" again.

Delete your greeting on your Uniden answering machine. Press the "Greet" button and then press the "#" button.

Listen to messages left on your Uniden answering machine. Simply press the "Play" button. Delete messages with the "Delete" key.