How to Unhide an Address Bar

By Daniel Hatter

The Mozilla Firefox Web browser’s default setting is to show the address bar at the top middle of the screen, underneath the menu bar. The Windows taskbar’s default setting is to not display the address bar. Despite the default settings for Firefox, when customizing the buttons around the address bar it is easy to accidentally hide the address bar (this is not possible with Internet Explorer). If this happened to you, un-hiding it is not terribly difficult. If you want to change the default and un-hide the address bar in the Windows taskbar, this is also not too hard.


Step 1

Go to the menu bar (if the menu bar is not visible, hit the "Alt" key on your keyboard to temporarily display it) and click on "View".

Step 2

Mouse over "Toolbars", and then click to check the check box for "Navigation Toolbar". The address bar will now reappear. To unhide the menu bar, continue to Step 3.

Click on "View", mouse over "Toolbars", and then click to check the box for "Menu Bar".


Step 1

Right-click on the taskbar.

Step 2

Move your mouse cursor over "Toolbars".

Click to check the box next to "Address" (or "Address Bar" in Windows XP).