How to Unfreeze MSN

By Greyson Ferguson

There are several possible culprits behind your computer freezing.
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While using MSN, you may experience problems with the browser freezing. This can be frustrating, especially when you're in the middle of replying to an email message. There are several reasons this may occur, all of which you can troubleshoot yourself to prevent it happening again.

Update the plug-ins on your computer. Java and Flash both need to be current to prevent freezes caused by older applications. Go to to the Java and Flash websites to download and install free updates.

Close other Internet programs, including instant messengers, Outlook and other browsers. The additional programs take away bandwidth from MSN, possibly causing it to freeze.

Restart your computer. Your system may not have booted correctly, in which case many programs are not going to function properly, including your browser and MSN.

Log in to MSN. Choose "Forgot Password." Type your full email account name and "OK/Continue." Select "Reset Your Password." MSN may have occasional problems reading your password, which causes it to freeze while attempting to access the information.