How to Unforward a Verizon Phone

by Ken White

Call forwarding is a popular feature that allows you to redirect incoming telephone calls from one phone to another. For example, if you are planning a trip, you can set your Verizon landline phone at home to forward calls to your cellphone. You can also forward calls that come in to your mobile phone to a landline or even another cellphone. Call forwarding is included in all Verizon Wireless calling plans, and it is available on Verizon landline calling plans as well. You will want to turn off call forwarding when you return home or wish to resume receiving calls on your mobile phone.

Cancel Call Forwarding on a Verizon Landline

Step 1

Lift the receiver of your landline telephone and listen for a dial tone.

Step 2

Press "*73" on the phone keypad. In some Verizon service areas, you might need to enter "73#" instead. If you have a rotary phone, dial "1173."

Listen for two tones. This confirms that call forwarding has been turned off. All calls will now ring on your Verizon landline phone.

Cancel Call Forwarding on a Verizon Mobile Phone

Step 1

Enter "*73" on your mobile phone keypad and press "Send."

Step 2

Listen for the confirmation tone. This indicates that call forwarding has been turned off.

Press "End." All calls will now ring directly to your mobile phone.


  • Airtime minutes will be deducted from your Verizon Wireless monthly plan for all forwarded calls, including call forwarded to wireless phones.
  • Any fees that you would normally incur when you dial a number will also apply to calls forwarded from your Verizon landline or mobile phone.


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