How to Unfilter Websites

by Laurie Brenner

Filters or blocks on websites prevent family computer users from accessing potentially harmful or inappropriate sites. If you've blocked a website from specific access, but now need to access it, use Windows native programs. Manually blocked websites also appear on a list in the Windows directory in a file named "Host." Modify this list manually to remove blocked sites or do so through the default Internet Explorer browser. Another option includes accessing a public proxy server to view websites filtered by your network administrator.

Internet Explorer

Step 1

Log on to your computer with administrative rights.

Step 2

Double-click the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop.

Step 3

Click on "Tools" on the menu bar.

Step 4

Scroll down to "Internet Options" and select it.

Step 5

Navigate to the "Privacy" tab.

Push the radio button for "Sites." Navigate to the site in the list provide and click on it. Select the button "Allow." The site will now be accessible.

Using Hosts List

Step 1

Access the host file by navigating to the this directory on your computer: "c:\\windows\system32\drivers\etc."

Step 2

Open the "Host" file by double-clicking on it and selecting "Open." Choose "Notepad" to open the program.

Step 3

Scroll down to the site on the list you wish to remove.

Highlight the site name by holding down the left mouse button as you scroll across the name. Right-click and select "Cut." Click "Save" and exit the file.

Proxy Site

Step 1

Use a proxy site to unfilter websites where you don't have access to the administrative rights on your computer.

Step 2

Navigate to a public proxy website's homepage.

Enter the address of the site you want to visit in the field provided. Hit "Go." View the unfiltered website.


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