How to Undelete a Deleted Flip Video

By Editorial Team

Updated December 12, 2019

You may be able to salvage videos you delete from your video camera.
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Flip video cameras save video clips in specific video files. Because of this, if you've accidentally deleted a video from your Flip video camera, you can get it back. All you have to do is recover the files you deleted.

Download and install the free trial version of UndeleteMyFiles Pro from

Plug your Flip video camera into your computer using the cable that came with it.

Run the UndeleteMyFiles Pro program. It will automatically select your C: Drive, but you can browse to your other drives -- including your Flip video camera drive, as long as the camera is plugged into your computer.

Click to select your Flip video camera drive and click the "Search" button. Your computer will display a couple of video files. Locate the video you want to recover and select it from the list, then click the "Recover" button.


Once you recover the video, it might be named "_ID00018.avi" or something similar. Rename it "VID00018.avi" and copy it back onto your Flip video drive. This will make your Flip video camera recognize it for playback and editing.


Sometimes Flip videos disappear because of defects in Flip hardware, such as bad memory or a burnt connection. In that case, you will have to look into a camera fix, not file recovery.