How to Undelete an Access Query

by David Sandoval
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Microsoft Office Access is capable of managing data entered into a database. One of the ways that Microsoft Office Access manages the data is by using an inquiry system called a query.

Since queries are an integral part of the management system that Microsoft Office Access provides, it can be perilous to delete a query by accident. If the database has not been closed since the query was deleted, the deleted query can be quickly recovered.

Step 1

Click "Queries" in the Objects sidebar window. Click "Edit" in the file menu.

Step 2

Verify that the "Undo Delete" option is available. Click "Undo Delete."

Step 3

Click the "Queries" in the Objects sidebar window again. Verify that the deleted query has reappeared.

Right-click the query name and select "Design View." Verify that the query contains the information that was entered previously.


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  • laptop with database record on 15.4" wide screen image by .shock from

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