How to Unblock ZTE Mobile Phone Handsets

By Palmer Owyoung

Free your ZTE phone with an unlocking code and a new SIM card.
i SIM card image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

ZTE Corporation is a leading company that specializes in providing telecommunications equipment and network solutions. The company is based in China and sells both CDMA and GSM mobile phones. If you would like to use your ZTE phone in the United States or somewhere else in the world, you will need to get it unlocked. However, you will only be able to unlock the GSM phones because they are the only ones that use SIM (subscriber identity module) cards.

Get the IMEI code of the ZTE GSM mobile phone handset. To display the IMEI code of the mobile phone, type *#06# into the dial pad. A 15-digit number will appear. This is the serial code for your phone.

Get an unlocking code online. (See Resources.) There are online stores that sell an unlocking code for $10 to $20 as of 2010.

Go to the website of your choice using your computer's Internet browser. Provide the IMEI number, mobile phone service provider, make and model of your phone and your email address. Purchase your codes and wait for a few days for your codes to be delivered via email.

Buy a new SIM card for the ZTE mobile phone handset, from a service provider from a different network. You can purchase one from a mobile phone or local convenience store for about $10 as of 2010.

Power off the ZTE GSM mobile phone handset. Remove the SIM card of the phone. Replace the current SIM card with the new one.

Switch on the mobile phone and type in the unlocking code when you are prompted to do so.

Press the "OK" button after you are done typing the unlocking code. The ZTE mobile phone handset will restart, and when it comes back on, it will be unlocked.