How to Unblock Websites Using Google Tools

By Contributor

Updated December 13, 2019

How to Unblock Websites Using Google Tools. The Internet is an incredibly useful source of information and entertainment. Unfortunately, sites exist that aren't appropriate for everyone and blocking them becomes a necessary evil. This becomes a problem when using a public computer such as in an office, school or library. It's possible to unblock sites with Google to view relatively harmless sites appropriate for adults like MySpace or YouTube on these restricted computers.

Start by accessing the main Google website. Because it's such a popular search engine, most computers have it as a trusted site.

Type in the website you wish to unblock in Google and allow it to bring up all possible matches. Find the website that matches the blocked one.

Click on the cached link below the website's description. Rather than searching for the website, Google stores a copy of this page in its database and the computer recognizes the page as part of Google's site rather than a stand-alone site.

Pretend that you will view website pages on a mobile device rather than on a computer. Search through the mobile Google "on the go" website. Google translates HTML pages into mobile versions by removing Java scripts and reconfiguring the page so it's smaller and more suited to handheld devices. These changes can trick the computer into believing it's a different site than the blocked one.

Translate the page to English. Even if the page you want to view is already in English, requesting the server to translate the page from English to English is a way to get around a blocked site. Copy and paste the translation link into the address bar and use Google as a proxy, or go-between, for the two sites. Often this buffer is enough to allow you to view the blocked website. See Resources.


Public computers, such as in an office, school or library, are usually set with strict security. You can unblock websites on these computers using Google.