How to Unblock a URL Search

By Regina Paul

Unblocking a URL search can save you time and energy.
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Being able to unblock a URL search can be the difference between getting the information you need for your research paper and having to spend time finding it elsewhere. Having the ability to do this can save you time searching for the same information. Certain institutions, like schools, have good reason to block some URL searches, but the software does not always do what it is designed to do. Occasionally it will block a URL search that does not apply. Fortunately, you can get around this and unblock a URL search if you know what to do.

Browse to Type your search criteria into the box indicated. When the results come up, find the website you want to look at and then click on "Cached." This will allow you to view the blocked website.

Browse to Type in the address of the website you want to view in the box indicated, then click on "Get IP." This will pull up the IP address. Type the IP address into the search window at the top of your browser. This will bypass the block and allow you to view the website.

Browse to a proxy website. Proxy websites allow you to view websites that are blocked by a firewall. They work like any other search engine but they allow you to surf anonymously. You can find a list of proxy websites at