How to Unblock Someone's Number on an AT&T Phone

by Mandy Slake

AT&T's call-blocking service allows users to block calls from individual numbers. The user calls a special access number, then adds the block through the phone's keypad. When the blocked caller calls the number, they hear a message that the number is not accepting calls. When the user wants to unblock the number, they can remove the block from the same menu.

Step 1

Dial "*60" from a touch-tone phone to enter the selective-call-rejection system.

Step 2

Press the "*" button to unblock a number.

Step 3

Dial the number you wish to unblock.

Press the "#" key to confirm you want to unblock the number.


  • You can also access the system from a rotary phone by dialing "1160." Follow the voice prompts for unblocking the number.
  • To unblock all numbers, dial "*80" or "1180" to turn off the call-blocking feature.


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