How to Unblock Sites From a Sonic Wall Filter

by Herman Cruz
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The SonicWALL content filtering solution offers two models that grant network administrators security features such as protection against viruses, spyware and Trojans, as well as a content filter that blocks sites that could harm the network's efficiency, host inappropriate themes or contain distracting content that could decrease employee or student productivity. However, due to the filtering rigor SonicWALL delivers, websites that should not be blocked may also become inaccessible to Internet users. Fortunately, if you find yourself dealing with this problem, you can unblock sites from a SonicWALL filter by using a proxy website.

Step 1

Go to the Unblock Global official website to unblock restrictions enforced by SonicWALL filters. Unblock Global is a free proxy service that grants Web surfers anonymous access to prohibited websites while keeping the user's IP address and identity protected through a secure proxy network. Unblock a SonicWALL filter and visit your desired Internet destinations by clicking the icon that is displayed with an image of planet Earth, which you will find in the middle of the screen. Type the URL into the text box that will appear below and click the "Go" tab on the left of the text box.

Step 2

Utilize the webpage to unblock a SonicWALL filter and gain entry to blocked websites. is free to use and provides an anonymous access point from a secured proxy network so your IP address and identity are protected. To unblock and access the desired webpage, type the blocked URL address into the narrow text box that reads "URL Address" and is displayed on the left of the page. Click the "Browse" tab, and will unblock the SonicWALL filter.

Visit UnblockBypass to be able to work around Web blocks initiated by a SonicWALL filter. UnblockBypass is a free proxy webpage that provides a secured and anonymous access point to desired websites that are blocked by SonicWALL restrictions. To unblock and begin your free and secured browsing experience, type the blocked URL address into the blank text box in the center of the screen. Click on the "Go" tab, and UnblockBypass will redirect you to the website that SonicWALL was blocking.


  • You could be expelled from school or terminated from work if you unblock sites that the Internet browsing guidelines of such organizations prohibit.


  • Websites like TopBits and AtProxy showcase lists of proxy servers you can also use to unblock sites from a SonicWALL Filter. Refer to the Resources section to access these lists.


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