How to Unblock a Directv Satellite Receiver Model D11

By Eoghan McCloskey

Satellite receivers are an essential part of any working home satellite TV service. Receivers take signals from orbiting satellites and convert them into a usable TV signal. If you sign up for satellite TV service like that provided by DirecTV and Dish Network, the installer will typically connect a receiver, authorize it for use on the provider's network and make sure it is working. Until the receiver is authorized for use, it will block any programming coming into it from the DirecTV satellite. If you have a DirecTV D11 receiver and need to unblock it for use with DirecTV service, you can do so in a few basic steps.

Contact DirecTV and have its satellite service installed in your home, if it is not already. In order to be unblocked, the receiver must be able to communicate with the DirecTV network, meaning you must have a coaxial cable connection that is installed with DirecTV satellite service over which the receiver can communicate with the DirecTV network.

Attach the coaxial cable from your DirecTV-installed coaxial cable outlet to the coaxial input connection on the DirecTV receiver. Use the "Satellite In" coaxial connection on the left of the D11's back panel and screw on the coaxial connector until it is hand-tight.

Contact DirecTV and have the receiver added onto your account. Once the D11 is added to your DirecTV account as an active receiver, it will receive authorization signals from DirecTV and will be unblocked for use with your DirecTV service.