How to Unblock Calls on Comcast Phones

By Kenneth W. Michael Wills

Unblocking calls on a Comcast phone is a simple procedure.
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If you have Caller ID-blocking on your Comcast phone, when you call someone, your number will not show up on that person's caller ID. Sometimes, though, that person may not answer your call because your number will not appear, or she may subscribe to a service that informs you she will not accept calls from a private number. In that case, if you want to talk to the person, you will need to unblock your call temporarily so your number may appear. It is a simple process, requiring you to dial a couple extra digits.

Listen for a dial tone before attempting to dial. If you have a dial tone, you can begin.

Type in *82 into your keypad on the phone receiver to unblock your call.

Listen for a second dial tone. When you hear it, you can dial the number you want to call.

Listen for the phone to ring on the other end. Your number will display on the receiving party's caller ID for this call only. If you want to unblock calls again, you will need to do so on every call, or you can cancel you Caller ID-blocking altogether by contacting Comcast customer service.