How to Unblock a Caller ID Block

By Maya Walker

Caller ID information that is displayed includes the caller's name and phone number.
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Caller ID block is a popular feature that allows a person to place a call to a phone equipped with caller ID without his information being transmitted. Although many people use caller ID block on a per-call basis, some people are opting to add the feature permanently to their phone lines. If you are calling someone with anonymous call rejection (ACR) on their phone, you must disable the caller ID block to get the call through. Landline and mobile phone users can unblock a caller ID block on a per-call basis using a code.

Landline Phone

Pick up the phone and dial "*82" on the handset. The code needs to be dialed on a per-call basis to unblock the caller ID information.

Listen for two quick beeps.

Dial the phone number you are calling and begin the conversation once the other party answers the phone.

Hang up the phone at the end of the conversation.

Mobile Phone

Press "82" and the phone number you are calling on the keypad, then press the green phone key to dial the number. Dial "82" before each call that needs the caller ID information displayed.

Wait for the other party to answer the phone and begin the conversation.

Press the "End" key to disconnect the call.