How to Unblock a Call With Star (*) Codes

By Jackie Johnson

Unblocking caller ID may result in more answered calls.
i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Caller ID technology provides people with an opportunity to see who is calling before they answer a call. People who want to block their phone number can select an option from a phone service provider to block the number showing up on all their outgoing calls, but when calling someone who does not answer blocked calls, callers need to unblock their numbers. It is a simple procedure, but must be executed each time a phone call is made, unless the phone subscriber asks the service provider to drop the blocked ID feature on the phone.

Unblocking Caller ID

Pick up or turn on your phone.

Punch the star key on your phone, typically located at the bottom of the handset on the left side as it faces you. Enter the number 82 once you have hit the * key.

Dial the number you want. If it is long distance, dial a 1, followed by the area code, then the phone number.