How to Unblock BBC Iplayer

by Joe Lewis

BBC iPlayer is an online TV service available from the British Broadcasting Corporation. The service is unavailable for users outside the UK. BBC iPlayer streams ten live stations including BBC One to Four, BBC News Channel and BBC HD. For those traveling outside the UK or those living in other countries, a little tweak can unblock the BBC iPlayer for viewing. Not only will unblocking the player give access to live TV, users can also access the archived contents.

Buy a UK VPN Service. You can purchase this at the website Unblock VPN. You will be required to fill in a signup form and confirm your mobile phone number. Your login details will be set to email box. Activate the account.

Install the Unblock VPN for Windows.

Setup the Unblock VPN software. Launch the program and click the "Properties" tab and choose a VPN server from the drop-down list. You should choose from servers in the UK.

Connect to the VPN server. Login with the username and password sent to your email. Then click "Connect" VPN is Virtual Private Network and it can be used to bypass the regional restrictions placed on web services. What it does is hide your IP (Internet Protocol) address and replace it with an IP address from an unrestricted country.

Launch the BBC iPlayer. It should be unblocked now because the player will only see the UK IP address supplied by the VPN software.

About the Author

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