How to Get an Umlaut on a Word on Facebook

by Melly Parker

An umlaut is a symbol above a vowel that indicates a change in the sound of the vowel when it's pronounced. Umlauts are inserted as characters using ASCII codes and your keyboard. Including one on Facebook is simple -- it doesn't require any special plugins or software. You can include an umlaut in Facebook statuses, comments, photo captions, messages and anywhere else you type in text.

Step 1

Click the space where you want to insert the vowel with the umlaut so your cursor is in position.

Step 2

Hold down the "Alt" key.

Key in the numeric indicator on the left keypad for the umlaut you want to appear (see Tips.) If you don't have a left keypad, press "fn" and use the blue lettered numbers to type the numeric indicator.


  • Press 132 for ä, 129 for ü, 148 for ö, 142 for Ä, 153 for Ö and 154 for Ü.
  • Make sure number lock is on before you attempt to use the right keypad.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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