Typing Practice Exercises

By Charlotte Kirkwood

Keyboarding exercises improve hand dexterity and typing proficiency.
i keyboard image by Fyerne from Fotolia.com

With the ubiquity of computers in homes and the workplace, typing proficiency has grown into a must-have skill. From novices to advanced typists, practice exercises help grow keyboarding abilities with finger stretches, warm-up drills and games, often with fun or word puzzle challenges. With enough practice, these exercises can improve work or ease recreational computer use.

Nimble Fingers

The typing exercises at Nimble Fingers promote dexterity and flexibility in the hands, which allows typists to grow comfortable with hand positions and motions required for higher word-per-minute counts. The exercises consist of stretching fingers in various movement combinations. Other exercises include word puzzles, typing tests and repetition typing practice that includes fun facts.

Tactus Keyboard: Warm-up Exercises

A good place to begin is with the home keys, and Tactus Keyboards offers home key warm-ups with graphics that highlight the home keys while illustrating which finger to use. When typists feel comfortable with the home keys, the warm-up exercises move on to other rows of keys, providing a comprehensive keyboard exercise.


Games allow typists to learn keyboarding skills with a little more fun than other typing programs. Websites like Free Typing Games feature holiday-themed games as well as twists on classic video games, like Spacebar Invaders. Players win games by typing words swiftly and without error. Games typically offer a variety of difficulty settings to help beginners advance their skills and expert typists to maintain them.

Shelbyville Central Schools

The Shelbyville Central School's collection of typing tests features a pangram tests. Pangrams, or holalphabetic sentences, are sentences that include every letter of the alphabet. This more challenging exercise aids in learning the position of the keys on the keyboard.