Types of TV Cables

By Ian Schorr

Five different kinds of cable are available for your television and entertainment, each with varying qualities and types of signals.

Component Video Cables

Component video cables transmit high definition video signals by splitting the signals into three different parts.

Composite Cable

These cables are common and the jacks are found on almost all entertainment equipment. They do not, however, transmit high-quality signals.

Coxial RF Cable

These are the lowest-quality cables, but they transmit audio and video signal within one cable. It is recommended that they are only used with TVs that do not have any other input options.

S-Video Cable

S-Video cables are cable producing high-quality images in great detail because they transmit color and brightness separately.

DCI and HDMI Cables

Digital Video Interface and High Definition Multimedia Interface cables are capable of transmitting standard and high definition signals. Most modern TVs and other pieces of equipment come with one of these two inputs.