Types of Speakers

by Peggy Epstein

There are a variety of speaker types and deciding which one is best for your situation is a matter of understanding the functions and benefits of each. Price is always a consideration, but within each type, there is also a wide range of prices available.


Floor speakers are usually the largest type. Bookshelf speakers take up less space. Adding a subwoofer will enhance the overall sound quality. In-wall and on-wall speakers can also be used effectively.


Floor speakers provide excellent sound, while bookshelf speakers save space and come with a wide price range. In-wall speakers should probably only be considered for new constructions, but on-wall speakers can be hung conveniently practically anywhere.


Floor speakers come in a variety of sizes that will fill up an area. Bookshelf speakers come as small as Bose's 2-inch cube speakers to shelf-sized units that take less space than floor speakers.


In-wall speakers may need to be installed by professionals because of wiring issues. On-wall speakers have exposed wiring.


Each type of speaker has its own benefits based on convenience and size, but sound quality should be the determining factor in your selection.

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