What Types of Lights Are Used in an Auditorium?

By MargaretJ.

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Auditoriums are made for multiple uses, including theatrical plays, assemblies, and exhibits. With so much traffic, an auditorium must be constructed with all considerations in mind, including what lighting to use. This helps to literally illuminate auditoriums and their many events.

Assembly Halls Lighting

An auditorium can be used as an assembly hall. An assembly hall can be defined as an area where many people congregate, usually found in schools and colleges. Usually this kind of light is called recessed lighting, whereas lights retract back into the ceiling itself. Usually these lights are located in a spaced pattern throughout the ceiling.

Auditorium Efficiency Lighting

Auditorium lights are perhaps best known for their continuous use, making the energy efficiency of the lights critical. One of the solutions to spending less energy and subsequently less money on lighting is using a dimmable lighting system. New lighting systems have been used that have 55-watt compact fluorescent lamps, cutting down on their energy expenditure. The lower-watt and dimming lighting can be used to ease the auditorium light's life span.

Theater Lighting

Theater lighting is the most complicated, however, because of their complex lighting configurations for theatrical shows. Theater lighting, though, can also be most rewarding, literally. Theater performances rely heavily on lighting, allowing it to set the mood of the play. Lighting and effects awards are given out for productions. There are usually a set of house lights that are used to illuminate the audience section of the theater. Stage lights can be a complicated mixture of spotlights, ceiling mounted units and on-stage lights. Usually each theater has a complex packet of lighting instructions and configurations that theater staff follow.