Types of External Memory

By Cameron Easey

External memory can mean many things but what most people think of is portable storage. Portable storage can range from a portable flash drive, hard drive or a memory card that is used in a device such as a camera. Using external memory is a good way to keep files such as pictures, videos and other types of files in a safe place.

External Hard Drives

One type of device that can be used for external memory is an external hard drive. Most external hard drives connect to a computer through a USB port. The drive will automatically be detected by the system and is available immediately to use to store data.

Flash Drives

The typical type of external memory that most people use and are familiar with are portable Flash drives. Portable Flash drives store data using non-volatile memory which means data will stay on the drive when it is not connected to a computer.

Memory Cards

Memory cards are used in devices such as cameras, GPS systems and and call phones. These memory cards are typically types such as microSD or Secure Digital, but there are other varieties available as well. They work in the same way as a Flash drive in that they retain data when they are removed from a device.

Copying Data

Copying data from these external memory sources is done the same way as copying data to and from the existing hard drive. A memory card that is used with an external device however will need to have an adapter to connect to a computer. Adapters can be found at many places online such as Buy,com and Amazon.

Storage Solutions

These external devices are great storage solutions that can be taken anywhere when a person is on the go. With the proper cables that are needed to connect to a computer they can be used on nearly any type of computer system. External memory is generally cheaper than installing a separate CD or DVD writer to an existing computer.