Types of Earphone Plugs

by Karla H

Earphone plugs, also known as headset jacks, connect a headset to the audio source. The size of the plug will determine which components are compatible with a headset. The most commonly used sizes are the 3.5 mm and USB. Each type of earphone plug has a specific purpose. As popularity of certain plugs rise, adapters have become available to allow conversion.

Minijack Plug

The minijack plug is the most common type of plug for headphones. It is the industry standard for personal audio components, such as iPods, portable CD players and stereos. They are also called 1/8-inch and 3.5mm plugs.

Multipronged Plugs

These jacks are used for headsets specifically designed for use on a personal computer. The separate prongs are for microphones and surround sound ports. Multiprong plugs are commonly found on headsets used for communication.

USB Plugs

Capable of two-way communications, USB plugs operate on digital signals. This makes them a popular choices for PC gaming.

Cell Phone Plug

Similar to the minijack, the cell phone plug is found on phones and small communication devices. It is also capable of two-way communication. This size is also known as the 2.5mm plug.

Phono Plug

The phono plug is large and is commonly used for older audio video components. It is also called the full size and 1/4 plug.

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