How to Type Unicode Characters

by Contributor

Typing in any other language than English on your home computer can be confusing at first. Unicode allows us to use symbols that are found in languages indicative of Western Europe such as the money sign used in England or the accent marks in French. We sometimes need to use these characters and symbols and since they are not available as standard keys on our computers it requires several simple steps to obtain them.

Typing in Unicode

Step 1

Click on start in your windows operating system and double click on control panel.

Step 2

Click twice on the "regional and language" settings.

Step 3

Activate the language tab by clicking on it.

Step 4

Click on the details button under "text services and input languages".

Step 5

Click the add button and make sure English is the first input language.

Click the drop down menu for keyboard layout and select the language you wish to use then click "ok". A Keyboard layout will come on screen for you.


  • You can have more than one keyboard installed at once.
  • If you have need to use multiple language keystrokes on a regular basis you can setup a key combination to switch effortlessly between them.


  • Certain languages, typically Asian and Indian, require special fonts.

Items you will need

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Computer

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