How to Type Scientific Symbols

By David Montoya

The ability to use a word processor and computer makes your life easier than past generations that relied on typewriters to print important documents. Some problems still exist, however. For example, the ability to type characters other than those located on the keyboard may seem difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, Microsoft Word contains scientific symbols (as well as other characters) that you can access via the toolbar. Follow a few simple steps to find all of the characters and symbols available to type.

Open up Microsoft Word and look at the toolbar located at the top of the screen. Click on the "Insert" tab.

Move your mouse cursor to the right-hand side and click on "Symbol," which is denoted by the Greek Omega character. A small menu screen will appear. Click on "More Selections."

Scroll through your options until you find the scientific symbol you need. Double-click and the symbol will appear on your document.

Find the symbol on your document. Highlight the symbol by holding down the left button on your mouse and move the cursor over the symbol. Press "Ctrl" and "C" simultaneously to copy the symbol. Press "Ctrl" and "V" to paste the symbol anywhere on your document.