What Type of Router Is Needed for Satellite Internet?

By Brandon Pierce

A router allows a satellite Internet connection to be shared.
i ADSL Router image by Phil2048 from Fotolia.com

A router allows a satellite Internet connection to be shared by multiple computers. The type of router required depends on the needs of the user. A few key features will help you make an educated choice.

Wireless or Wired

A standard router requires a physical connection between all computers on the network and the Internet connection. Many wires have to be run to accomplish this. Wireless routers allow the network to function without any wires run to computers or other wireless devices. A physical connection between the router and the satellite Internet connection's modem is all that is required for a wireless router to function.


Wireless routers use three types of protocol for transferring data on the network. Wireless-N is the fastest and is backward compatible with all other protocols. Wireless-G is not as fast, but if the network consists of mostly older devices, it may be more than adequate. Wireless-B was the first wireless protocol. Both the G and N versions can support Wireless-B devices.

Frequency Band

As wireless networks become more common, frequency bands are beginning to get overcrowded. Some routers offer dual-band features that allow the user to choose between two different frequency bands to run their home network on. This is something to consider if there are a lot of wireless networks nearby, such as in a busy office building, or many electronic devices that might interfere with wireless transmissions.