The Type of Cable for Installing AT&T U-verse

by David Lipscomb

AT&T U-verse offers HD television, telephony, and Internet via one service. Digital data is received from a local distribution enclosure installed in the area. As long as subscribers are located within 3,000 feet of this distribution, U-verse customers have the convenience of one service provider for the three main types of residential digital services. U-verse utilizes a variety of cabling types in and out of the structure to achieve this.

After AT&T installs the service at the phone box outside, locate the main phone distribution panel, either in the basement or in an access room. Very often, there will be a terminated phone wire plugged into a small panel, or hanging loose.

Plug the phone line directly into the U-verse Residential Gateway modem/router.

Plug in and route additional Ethernet cables (up to four) from the router to each computer or U-verse decoder as needed.

Screw on RG-6 coaxial cable to the coax output on the U-verse decoder, if it is unduly difficult to install Ethernet throughout the house. All U-verse signals can be carried to U-verse decoders via coax if needed. Remember that laptops and desktops will require a wireless (included) or wired Ethernet cable to gain access to the Internet.

Plug in and route additional phone lines as needed to the "Lines 1&2" and "Aux Phone" line jacks as needed, into the respective jacks on the router.

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