How to Type Bold in Craigslist

By Kevin Lee

Bold text helps Craigslist shoppers identify important text in your ad.
i BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Using a simple Web programming trick, you can enhance your Craigslist ad by applying a bold effect to any word or phrase in your post.

Bold Your Text

Find a word or phrase you'd like to bold in your Craigslist ad and paste before the text and after the text. For instance, if you bold the phrase "mint condition," it will appear as follows: mint condition. The and HTML tags tell browsers to bold any text that appears between the two tags. Use this technique to bold as many words or phrases as you like in a Craigslist ad. Preview your ad before posting to ensure that you typed the and tags correctly.

HTML Restrictions

As of November 2013, Craigslist no longer supports some other HTML tags for posts in the housing and sale categories. Those tags -- center, span, div, table, img, font and a -- provided the ability to format ads in advanced ways. A message warns you not to use these tags if you are posting in the sale or housing categories.