How to Get Two Pictures on Top of Each Other on PhotoBucket

By Quinten Plummer

Photo-blending effects can turn two average pictures into a single piece of art. By adjusting the transparency of two images, you can bring out the dominant attributes of both photos and combine them into a single picture. You can blend different angles of the same image or combine a close up shot with a background image. And if you have a Photobucket account, you can blend images from your online albums with the site's image-editing utility.

Navigate your computer's browser to PhotoBucket's website, and then sign into your PhotoBucket account. You'll need to sign up for a free account if you aren't already a member (see Resources).

Click on the "Tools" tab on your account page, and then select the "Image Editor" option in the "Tools" menu.

Select the first image you'd like to use from your PhotoBucket album. Click on the image to load it into the editor. Click on the "Choose an Album" menu box if you need to switch to a different album.

Click on the image editor's "Add More Photos from Album" menu box to import your second image. Select the album that contains your image in the menu box. Click on the second image when the "Get Photos" menu appears. Both images will appear in the editor.

Drag your foreground photo and drop it over the background image. Align the dimensions of the two images. Drag the points on the image's overlay to re-size the image's dimension. Drag the points inward to make the image smaller, or drag them outward to increase the dimension of your photo.

Click on the image editor's "Layers" tab, and then click on the "Opacity" option under the tab. Drag the "Opacity" slider to roughly 50 percent, so that both images are equally visible. Fine tuning the opacity is really a matter of personal taste.

Click on the image editor's "Save a Copy" option to save your creation to one of your PhotoBucket albums.