How to View Two Pages at Once With OpenOffice

by Matthew Burley

OpenOffice is an open-source productivity suite similar to Microsoft Office. It offers comparable alternatives to Powerpoint, Excel and Word. The Open Office equivalent to Word, which is called "Writer," features many of the same features that Word users are familiar with. Among these features is the option to change the way that the program displays your pages. One of the display options is to show two pages of a Writer document in a side-by-side view.

Click the "Start" or Windows button, choose "Programs" or "All Programs," then scroll to "" and select " Writer."

Select the "File" option at the top of the screen, then pick the "Open" option.

Navigate to an existing, multi-page document and click the "Open" button. Note that it is only possible to view two pages at once if the document has at least two pages.

Locate the page display graphics at the bottom right side of the screen, and select the middle image, which is of two side-by-side pages with a corner folded down.

Use the scroll bar in the bottom right corner, located next to the page display graphics, to reduce or increase the size of your pages on the screen.


  • check Achieve several different layout options by experimenting with the layout choices at the bottom right side of the screen and the options under the "View" menu.

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