How to Twitter & Facebook at the Same Time With an iPhone

By Mark Taylor

Facebook and Twitter enable you to share messages with friends.
i Thomas Northcut/Lifesize/Getty Images

Posting on Facebook and Twitter can be done via your iPhone. To do this, you typically have to visit and post your message separately on each site. With the help of an app that can combine your Facebook and Twitter accounts, however, you only have to post once to reach both websites at the same time. Several apps exist, each having slight differences. Choosing the right app depends on which social medium you prefer for sharing messages.


HootSuite distributes your single post from this app to not only Facebook and Twitter but also several other social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Wordpress, Mixi and App Directory. You can choose which sites receive your updates through HootSuite's privacy and customization options. You can also schedule regular posts to be made automatically with no further action on your part. If you decide you no longer want automatic posting or want to turn off auto-posting to certain sites, you can do so at any time. You can also select which individuals on your Facebook and Twitter accounts receive your posts using their privacy options.

Twitter App for Facebook

The Twitter App for Facebook is installed through Facebook or Twitter, connects the two accounts and is accessed via your iPhone. Typing "Twitter" in the Facebook search box at the top of the page brings up the app that can be installed like any other Facebook application. You can also install it using the Twitter App for Facebook page on the Twitter website (see Resources for links). The app forwards your Facebook posts automatically to your Twitter feed, so your followers on both platforms are able to see your message. You can choose who can see your posts using both Twitter and Facebook privacy settings. These settings work independently of one another. Therefore, privacy settings on Facebook may not apply to Twitter and vice versa.


MyPad+ is an app for your iPhone that combines not only Facebook and Twitter but also Instagram. It is available for download via iTunes. Through MyPad+, you can post to all three social mediums at the same time. The customizable user interface organizes the feeds of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into columns for easier readability. Chat and music options are also available for MyPad+. Reddit, YouTube and Pinterest can also be added to the MyPad+ feed. forwards tweets to your Facebook as status updates and can be accessed via your iPhone Twitter app. It converts "@name" replies to regular names on Facebook and allows links to be included. You can also connect with and track the number of clicks for each of your posted links. Menu options let you choose which tweets are forwarded to your Facebook. You can also adjust the individual privacy settings for Twitter and Facebook to regularly include or exclude certain individuals.