How to Link Twitter to Facebook With Hashtag

by Nicole Vulcan

If you're using social media to promote your business and enhance your customers' experience, it pays to spend a little time making the whole process easier for you. One way to save time is to have your Facebook page updates sent automatically to your Twitter feed -- saving you a step in keeping all your fans and followers informed. Once you've set up a link between the two, you can send updates from your Facebook page and include hashtags that will help Twitter users find your topic.


Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the "Facebook to Twitter" page. All the Facebook pages for which you have administrator access should automatically display when you go to that page.


Click "Link to Twitter" next to the Facebook page you want to link. At the next screen, enter in your Twitter feed's username and password, then click "Authorize App." This will set up the link between the two feeds. Now when you update Facebook, it will also update your Twitter feed.


Navigate to the wall of the Facebook page. Type in a status update, then use a "#" followed by the subject or topic you want to include as a hashtag in your update. For example, if the topic you're discussing is food, type "#food" at the end of your status update. Click "Share" when you've completed typing your status update. If you navigate to your Twitter feed, you should see the update posted there.


  • check Keep it short and sweet! Keep in mind that Twitter updates can only be 140 characters or less, so if your Facebook update is longer than that and you've put your hashtag at the end, it may not appear in your Twitter update.

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