How to Tweet From a Cell Phone

by Lara Webster

Twitter allows users to update friends, colleagues and fans about their daily lives. Because people are not always near a computer when they want to send an update--or tweet--Twitter provides several ways for users to tweet. Cell phone users with a web browser, or at least SMS text messaging capabilities, can tweet from anywhere with cell phone service.

Tweet with the Application for iPhone

Download the Twitter application from the App Store.

Open the application and login with your Twitter user name and password.

Click the "New Tweet" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The icon is a square with the image of a pen going through it.

Type your tweet into the text box. Tap "Send" to post your tweet.

Tweet via SMS

Send a text to your country's numerical twitter code with the word "START" as the message. In the United States, the twitter code is 40404.

Reply to Twitter's message requesting your user name with only your use name, and no other characters or spaces. Twitter will send another text asking for your password--send your password (keeping in mind that it is case sensitive).

Confirm that you want to use Twitter on your phone by responding with "OK" when prompted by a final text message from Twitter.

Send a text message to your twitter country code--40404--with a tweet. The tweet will post online to your Twitter account.

Tweet with Your Phone's Web Browser

Navigate your cell phone's web browser to

Sign in using your Twitter user name and password.

Type a tweet into the text box on the home screen.

Select the "Tweet" icon.

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