How to Tweak a Wilson Wireless Booster

By Patrick Nelson

Know where the cellular signal transmission sites are located.
i cell phone tower image by Aaron Kohr from

Wilson Electronics is a major supplier of cell phone booster products, including in-building and mobile solutions. Some amplifier systems produced by Wilson Electronics don't require a physical connection to your phone--they act as repeaters, receiving and then transmitting improved wireless signals. As with any equipment reliant on radio wave propagation, antenna location and other installation factors are important.

Step 1

Find on the Internet the location of the cellular signal transmission site whose signals you want to repeat with the Wilson wireless booster (See the Resource section for a link to a Web site that provides information on the location of such as signal transmission site). Visit the signal transmission site, using an Internet map, to make sure it's where you think it should be. Hills and man-made structures will block the signal, so try finding multiple sites. Point the Wilson wireless booster's external antenna towards such a site.

Step 2

Point the external antenna away from the internal antennas, to avoid oscillation. (The Wilson wireless booster has two sets of antennas: the outdoor antenna communicates with the cell tower and the inside antennas communicate with your phone.) Separate the internal and external antennas more, if necessary. Remember that separation can be horizontal or vertical (or both).

Step 3

Choose a location for the internal antenna in the center of the area where the signal needs to be amplified.

Step 4

Make sure the indoor antenna is connected properly: Look on the amplifier and on the antennas and check that all connections are tight.

Step 5

Reset the amplifier by disconnecting and connecting the power supply.