What to Do When My TV Is Showing Half of the Screen

By Melly Parker

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Sometimes a television display error is something that you can fix on your own, and other times, it has an internal problem that requires more technical expertise than most people have at home. While troubleshooting it yourself can help save you the time it would take to have a technician look at it, you may void your warranty if you open your set. Always start by using the simplest solutions to fix the television and move on to the more complicated ones if the simple solutions don't fix the screen.

Rule Out Other Offenders

First, turn off the television and disconnect the source of the image from your television and attempt to plug in another source, like a video game console or computer. Use a different port for the new connection, too. Power on the television and the media device you connected to see whether the problem lies with the original media device that was plugged in. If the screen is still only showing half of the image, then you can be sure the problem is with your television.

Picture Your Settings

Check and make sure the television settings aren't causing the screen to display improperly. First, change the picture mode to JustScan to see whether that corrects the problem. If it doesn't, access your television settings and check to see whether your picture menu supports manual positioning. If it does, use the arrow keys on your remote to move the image slightly toward the blank side of the TV. If the image disappears instead of filling the blank area, then it isn't a problem with your display settings. Some computers have manual positioning options for the screen in the control center for their graphics cards.

Refresh and Renew

As long as you can see the controls, you can reset your television. Consult your manual for the specific directions for your set. For example, some Philips TV models can be reset by holding down the Menu button on the TV bezel for 15 seconds and then following the prompts to restart the television. Panasonic Viera televisions can be reset by opening the Setup menu and then choosing "System" and "Factory Defaults." Some Samsung LED TVs can be reset by choosing "Support," "Self diagnosis" and "Reset." If a software error is responsible for the screen being messed up, a system reset can help fix it.

Seek Professional Help

If changing input devices, altering the settings and resetting the system don't work, your television may require a professional repair. If it's still under warranty, consult with your documentation to see how to make a claim and take your set to be repaired. If it isn't, call several local television repair shops and ask for quotes, so that you can get the best price. It may be that your T-con is broken, improperly soldered, or that one of the connections inside your television is damaged.