TV Pixel Problems

By Charles Watson

Thousands of pixels make up your television's screen.
i blu pixels image by cico from

A television's screen is made up of thousands of pixels. These pixels receive signals from the television and either allow light to pass or block the light in order to make the picture. Pixelation (dots appearing on your screen) usually occur for different reasons.

Defective Model

Pixels in your television can appear due to a manufacturer's defect. During the creation of the screen, pixels can burn out and go un-noticed. If your television is new and has burnt out pixels, the manufacturer usually will replace the unit for free.

Sub Pixels

Each pixel in your television is made up of three sub pixels that contain the colors red, blue and green. These sub pixels make your television display the picture in color. Over time, one of these sub pixels can burn out causing a black pixel to appear on your screen.

Over Use

Leaving your television on one channel for prolonged periods of time can cause what is called "burn in." When this happens, the image is permanently burned into your television's pixels. The only way to fix the problem is to have the screen of the unit replaced.