How to Turn a Word Document Into a JPG

By Isaac Thress

Converting a Word document into an image file is a useful way of sharing and uploading your documents.
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Converting a Word document into a JPEG, or JPG, image file is a useful way of sharing the content of a document with someone who does not have access to Microsoft Word. It also makes uploading a Word document online much easier, as image files are much easier for some Internet programs to upload. While there are many different propriety software programs that can convert Word documents into image files, Windows provides all the necessary tools without having to download third-party programs.

Open the Word document that you wish to convert into a JPEG image file.

Zoom in and out of the document in order capture the content that you want to appear in the image file. You can change the size and type of font as well as the proportion of any pictures to fit more content into your image.

Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. This button is usually found across the top portion of your keyboard and is represented by "[Prnt Scrn]." This temporarily copies the entire area of your screen, including other visible documents and programs that are open and running.

Open Microsoft Paint. You can access this program by selecting "Accessories" from the Start menu in Windows.

Select the "Home" tab if you are using the new version of Microsoft Paint that is included in Windows 7. For older versions of Paint, simply click the "File" tab to bring up a drop-down menu. From there, select "Paste." Your image should now be visible.

Make any changes that you like to the image. You can crop, rotate, re-size or change the colors of your image as well as apply many other editing options.

Click the "Home" tab once again and then choose "Save as." You can now choose to save your image as a number of different file formats, including JPEG.