How to Turn on Wireless Radio on a Toshiba Laptop

By Ruri Ranbe

Wireless routers transmit network data via radio waves. The wireless network interface controller or wireless local area network (WLAN) card inside a Toshiba laptop detects incoming radio signals within range using built-in antennas. Turning off wireless communication on the laptop will prevent the computer from connecting to Wi-Fi networks. You can quickly re-enable the WLAN device within Windows.

Step 1

Click "Start | All Programs | TOSHIBA | Utilities | HWSetup." Click "LAN."

Step 2

Select "On" from the Wireless Communication Switch section. Click "OK." Restart the laptop if prompted.

Hold down "Fn" to activate the Toshiba Flash Cards, and then press "F8" twice to enable the wireless radio on your laptop.