How to Turn on Wireless LAN in an HP 6510B

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The HP 6510B laptop computer has a toggle switch that controls the wireless LAN capabilities of your device. Whereas computers from other vendors require you to adjust settings within your operating system to turn the wireless LAN controls on or off, the HP 6510B allows you to simply press a button. If you want to turn on wireless LAN on a HP 6510B, you'll need to both find this button and pay attention to its indicator light.

Step 1

Locate the "Wireless LAN" button on your HP 6510B's case. This button is circular in shape and is just to the right of the "Power" button used to turn your entire computer on or off. If wireless LAN is turned off on your HP 6510B, the indicator light in the center of the wireless LAN button will be orange in color.

Step 2

Press the wireless LAN button one time.

Watch for the indicator light in the center of the wireless LAN button to turn from orange to blue. This should take no more than one to five seconds. Once the indicator light turns blue, wireless LAN is turned on in your HP 6510B laptop computer.

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