How to Turn on Windows Security Center

By Marissa Willman

Microsoft operating systems include a feature called the Windows Security Center that is meant to ensure your computer's safety. The Windows Security Center presents pop-up alerts when potential security threats, such as a disabled firewall or uninstalled upgrades, are detected on your system. You can enable the alerts from the Windows Security Center through Microsoft's "Control Panel" feature.

Click on the Windows "Start" menu at the left side of the taskbar. Open the "Control Panel" and click on the "Security" link.

Click on the "Security Center" link near the top of the window. Click on the "Change the way Security Center alerts me" link in the menu on the left.

Choose the "Yes, notify me and display the icon" option to display alerts and a pop-up message in the taskbar when a security threat is detected. Choose the "Don't notify me, but display the icon" option if you want the pop-up message to appear in your taskbar without an alert.