How to Turn on Wi-Fi on an Acer 4730z

by Mike Venture

Being tethered by a wired Internet connection defeats the purpose of laptop computers -- mobility -- so if you can't turn on your laptop's Wi-Fi, your laptop is essentially crippled. An Acer Aspire 4730z's Wi-Fi function is normally controlled by a dedicated button located to the left of the keyboard. If that button doesn't work due to mechanical failure, you can manually turn on Wi-Fi through Windows and Acer's Launch Manager application.


Step 1

Click the "Start" button to open the Start menu.

Step 2

Click "Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center | Manage Network Connections."

Right-click the Wi-Fi adapter -- it's listed as "Wireless Network Connection" -- and select "Enable" from the menu. If you don't see "Enable" on the menu, then the adapter is already enabled, and you can proceed to the next section.

Launch Manager

Step 1

Click the "Start" button to open the Start menu.

Step 2

Click "All Programs" near the bottom of the Start menu.

Step 3

Click "Launch Manager."

Click the Wi-Fi button, which is marked with an icon of a stylized satellite dish.


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