How to Turn On a VTech Phone

By Mandy Slake

The VTech company sells cordless phone systems that come with varying numbers of handsets. To turn on a VTech handset, install and charge the battery, then register the phone with the base unit. Once the phone is registered, it can make and receive calls.

Remove the battery cover from the back of the phone. Most models have a door that slides downward to reveal the battery compartment.

Install the battery by inserting the connector on the battery wires over the pins in the handset battery compartment. The connector will only go on one way.

Insert the battery pack into the compartment and replace the battery cover.

Charge the phone by sitting it in the charger for a minimum of 16 hours on the first charge.

Place the fully-charged phone onto the cradle of the base unit and wait for the display to show "PRESS FIND HNDST 4 SEC ON BASE." If the message does not come up, lift the phone off the base and put it back in the cradle.

Press and hold the "FIND HANDSET" button on the base unit for approximately four seconds. The display on the phone will change to "PLEASE WAIT," then "HANDSET X REGISTERED."

Test the phone by making a call.