How to Turn the Voicemail off on Your Verizon Cell Phone

By Christina Sloane

Disable your voicemail to avoid managing your messages.
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Cell phone customers must go through several steps to receive voicemail messages, including calling voicemail, entering a password and deleting unwanted messages. If a customer does not check voicemail, an icon displays on the phone until the user clears the message. If the voicemail system annoys you and you have an alternate, preferred answering service, you can contact Verizon and request that they disable your voicemail.

Step 1

Ask friends and family to leave you an email or text message as an alternative to leaving a voicemail. When you disable voicemail, your phone will ring indefinitely until the caller hangs up or you answer your phone.

Step 2

Call #611 on your Verizon cell phone to reach customer service. Dial “0” to bypass the recorded menu and speak to a customer service agent.

Step 3

Ask the representative to disable your voicemail. You can call back to have it reactivated at any time.