How to Turn Up the Volume on an iPod Nano

By Avery Martin

The iPod Nano works much the same way as the iPhone and iPod Touch to control volume. If you want to increase the volume on an iPod Nano, you can do so using the buttons on the side of the device. You can also use a set of headphones so that you can attach your iPod to a belt while working out or moving. Be careful that you don't set the iPod volume so high that you damage your hearing.

Hardware Controls

Step 1

Press the "+" button on the side to increase volume.

Step 2

Press the "Play/Pause" button to play or pause your song.

Press the "-" button on the side to decrease the volume.

Using Headphones

Step 1

Connect your headphones to the input jack on your device.

Step 2

Press the top or bottom portion of the headphone control switch to increase or decrease the volume.

Press the middle of the headphone control switch to pause the current song and mute the volume.

Adjust Music Settings

Step 1

Tap "Settings."

Step 2

Select "Music."

Step 3

Select the "Sound Check" option to automatically adjust all songs to be at the same volume level.

Adjust the maximum volume limit to increase volume if your iPod Nano isn't loud enough.