How to Turn Subtitles Off on a Sanyo Television (4 Steps)

By C. Taylor

A TV mounted to the wall.
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Subtitles display dialog and sound effects as a textual overlay on your Sanyo television screen. This feature was implemented to assist hearing-impaired viewers, but it may also prove helpful to TV viewers when the Sanyo is muted or positioned in a crowded environment, such as a sports bar. If you do not require subtitles and they're enabled on your television, you can turn them off using the remote control or the Sanyo menu settings.

Step 1

Point the Sanyo remote control at the television and press the "Caption" or "Hold/No Function" button repeatedly until subtitles disappear or "Off" is displayed on the screen. You may also use the TV menu to disable subtitles by continuing on to the next step.

Step 2

Click the "M" or "Menu" button on the remote control.

Step 3

Press the down-arrow button on the remote until "Configuration" is highlighted, then press "OK."

Step 4

Highlight "Subtitle" and press the right-arrow button until "Off" is displayed.