How to Turn On Subtitles

by Mitchell White

Subtitles refer to the text that plays at the bottom of a video in time with dialogue from characters in the movie. They help you understand a movie if it's playing in a language you don't understand and can also help the hearing-impaired. You can turn on subtitles in Windows Media Player by using controls that are embedded inside of the player.

Double-click on your video to begin playing it in Windows Media Player.

Press "Ctrl" and F1 on your keyboard to go into Full mode.

Hit "Alt" and "P" simultaneously on the keyboard to activate the Play menu. Click "Captions and Subtitles."

Select the option that reads "On if available." This will turn on the subtitles in your movie.


  • check If your movie didn't come with subtitles, you can often find the subtitle file you need online.

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