How to Turn Speakers on for Phillips 190X5 Monitor

By James Clark

Stereo audio cable for connecting PC to the Philips monitor for sound.
i Audio cable image by Yanir Taflev from

The Philips 190X5 is a 19-inch LCD computer monitor with built-in speakers. The monitor's audio system connects to a PC's line out jack using a standard 3.5mm cable and plug. Once connected, the volume hotkey on the front control panel of the monitor can be used to activate the speakers and adjust their volume.

Connect the 3.5mm audio cable from the PC's line out jack on the back of the tower to the PC audio input jack on the rear of the Philips monitor in the lower left corner.

Press the power button on the front center panel of the monitor below the LCD screen.

Press the "Volume" hotkey on the right-hand control panel on the front of the monitor.

Press the right arrow key to turn on the speakers and increase the volume setting, which displays on the LCD screen. Pressing the left arrow key will lower the volume.