How to Turn Someone in for Facebook Slander

By James Wright

Slander can be be removed.
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Facebook aims to create an entertaining and safe environment for people to use their social network, and they are strict about removing content that breaks their terms of service. If you believe someone is slandering you on Facebook, she and her content can be reported as harassment.You can report anything, even if it's not visible to you on Facebook. Understand that reporting content doesn't guarantee that the content will be removed.

Defining Slander

Slander is the act of spreading false information with the intent of ruining or harming someone's reputation. This is slightly different than gossip in that gossip is simply hearsay and generally uninformed discussion and rumor. Slander, in contrast, has direct, malicious intent. The line between rumor and slander can sometimes be fuzzy, but if you feel that you could be harmed as a result, it's a good idea to try to report the offending content.

How to Report

If you can see the offending content, find the post that you want to report. Hover over the post until downward arrow appears in the corner. Click it to hide the post, then click "Report Story or Spam." Once the post is hidden, click "file a report." Select "It's harassing me," then click "Continue" to complete the report. If you can't see the post at all, whether because you're blocked or have hidden the person's posts, use Facebook's Terms Violation form instead (see Resources).


After you file a report, you won't be able to see the results unless you check up on it yourself. Facebook's staff will not inform you of their decision regardless of the outcome, and any communication with the offending person will be in private. You will not necessarily be punished for filing a single report if the report does not go through, but if you continue filing reports because you are not pleased with the results your account could be disabled.


All content on Facebook must abide by Facebook's terms of service and rules. This means that all content will be judged according to those rules, not by whether you dislike it or not. There is a possibility that posts that offend you may be permitted to stay. If this is the case, you may want to simply block the person or people who are making posts about you. Also note that Facebook's staff will not inform the other person who reported the content; all reports are completely anonymous.